Limits of growth vs. Growing with no limits

Contribution to i2a Call, Switzerland 2022

We propose a small space built out of plants and growing itself. We want to show that architecture can introduce self-growing and regenerative processes, instead of being one of the biggest energy consumers. For this statement, we literally take the visitors of the biennial back to the roots of architecture. The primitive hut is a concept that goes back to Vitruvius, which explores the origins of architecture and its practice. The concept explores the anthropological relationship between human and the natural environment as the fundamental basis for the creation of architecture. The idea of The Primitive Hut contends that the ideal architectural form embodies what is natural and intrinsic.

Our installation is to show architecture made of natural materials, architecture that is alive and ephemeral. It is about planting a walk-in space made of industrial hemp in the garden of Villa Saroli. Hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops on earth. After the end of the biennial, the hemp can be harvested and used, for example, as building material.